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I have the honour of acting as the Executive director of this foundation. The vision behind the establishment of the foundation is that all women and girl-children in Northern Nigeria attain excellent education and live healthy and fulfilling lives.

While growing up it has been a desire and my dream that some day, I will complement the effort of those trying to improve the livelihood of the vulnerable people in society. Coming from a region with daunting human development challenges, it has been a natural fit for me to serve in this capacity. The statistics are as daunting as they are challenging

Northern Nigeria ranks behind the rest of the country in key indicators such as education, child marriage. The ten states with the highest numbers of girls not in secondary schools are found in the North West, North East, and North Central geographical zones of Nigeria. with this alarming indices, my plight to empower the vulnerable class in Zamfara State and beyond through the provision of sustainable health, education and community development cannot be over emphasized. Our Mission is:

Our programs and inatives center around empowering women and grls in Northern Nigeria in the areas of Health, Education and Agriculture. Our first major program was the provision of health care training for traditional birth attendants.

200 traditional birth attendants (TBAs) were identified and mobilized while fifty (50) TBAs and four field supervisors were trained. The TBAs were given kits to enhanced the maternal health of women, especially those in the rural areas. The TBAs kits contain these items – Apron, marking touch, surgical gloves, chlorhexadine, e-gloves, razor blade, cut clamp. Thread, antiseptic, spirit, isoprostol and fesolate / folic acid. Other activities carried out by COHEIC are the flagging off of the project and distribution of ICT materials and that comprised calendar, pamphlet, Health handbill, etc. Five H-COHEIC staff were also trained to strengthen their capacities on financial Management Policies, Monitoring and Evaluating (M&E) while working tools were given COHEIC supervisors to enhance effective service delivery.

The foundation is a young one - we are barely 3 years old. But we are filled with quiet ambition - we are here for the long term and for measurable and sustainable impact. In the last one year, we have given direct assistance in the form of educational materials to 5000 girls, trained 250 traditional birth attendants and are in the process of training a second batch It is really the ambition of myself and the entire team here at Himma Foundation to set for ourselves challenges that will be scary to contemplate, radical in their concept and innovative in execution.

We realise that in recent times the integrity of Non- governmental Organisations in Nigeria and globally have come into question. We are passionate about our status as Non-profit organization and will use all available mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability. We will continue to seek the support of donor agencies, while building strong relationships/partnerships with MDAs, Donors, CSOs, and FBO for effective program Implementation. Finally, we are acutely aware of the ability of an active population to create lasting change in any society. And to that end we will continue to seek active engagement with volunteers from all spheres of life in our programs.

Mrs Zainab Yari

About Himma Community Health Circle Initiative

The vision behind the establishment of the foundation is that all women and girl-children in Northern Nigeria attains excellent education and live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable uplifting programs to women and children in Northern Nigeria. Learn more...

Our 1 year Goal

We intend to provide sustainable uplifting programs to 5000 women in Northern Nigeria over the next one year. Learn more...

Our 3 year Goal

Leveraging on increased internal capacity as well as the assistance of our past beneficiaries, partners and volunteers, we will sustainably empower 25,000 people over the next 3 years Learn more...

Our 5 year Goal

In 5 years, we will be proud to say that 50 thousand women and their families are living a better and empowered life because of the work we have done Learn more...

Our integrity

Integrity is everything when you are working for the weak and less priviledged. We have a team and board of distinguished and reputable Nigerians who not only care about the welfare of the poor, but care about how they serve themLearn more...

Corporate Governance

Every year, we release a full report of our activities for the past year and make it public. You can find our reports Here


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Mrs. Zainab A. Yari
Executive Director

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